Dedicated to Solving Business Challenges

Targeted approaches for business and financial restructuring of small and medium-sized enterprises


Our clients are companies, financial institutions and investors.


  • Obtaining bank loans and other alternative forms of financing (factoring, leasing, financial funds, intercompany market, mezzanine financing...).
  • Knowledge of the current schemes regarding repayable funds and tenders (SID Bank, Slovene Enterprise Fund, Slovenian Regional Development Fund, and commercial banks).
  • Analysis of the company's financial situation and available collateral, and preparation of the most suitable tactics for approaching financial institutions.
  • Management of fundraising procedures and negotiations to obtain the best offer.
  • Preparing a business and financial plan.


  • Management of sale-side and buy-side transactions in a change of ownership, offering support in negotiations.
  • Quick evaluation and preparation of a clear strategy for approaching potential targets and investors.
  • Building a confidential relationship with clients and helping achieve transaction results.
  • Wide network of local and foreign contacts with a list of potential target companies as well as a list of potential investors (funds, strategic companies, entrepreneurial investors).

Independent Business Review (IBR)

  • Independent analysis of the company's situation with an assessment of cash flows and formulation of priority measures.
  • Carrying out commercial and financial due diligence and, if necessary, studying the economic viability of projects/investments.
  • Role of mediator between stakeholders (owners, management, creditors, debtors and employees).
  • Based on an assessment, if necessary, also: change of ownership (distress M&A), compulsory settlement and other insolvency proceedings, financial reprogramming with banks and other creditors or long-term operational improvements with an emphasis on increasing EBITDA profitability.

Operative Turnaround

  • Understanding the challenges of company directors in managing change based on our own management experience.
  • Strategic view, implementation of reorganisation and achievement of financial stability.
  • Detailed implementation measures and control.
  • Implementation of a more complex business and financial restructuring.

Strategic Planning

  • Understanding and assessment of the current situation (market, trends, customers, competitors, risks, internal situation...).
  • Review of options and possible strategic directions with an upgraded business model.
  • Developing a strategic framework (values, mission, vision, goals, KPIs).
  • Creating an action plan with detailed action cards.


  • Analysis of activities by individual workplace.
  • Taking into account company development directions and best practices such as agile organisation and customer centricity.
  • Improvement of current organisational weaknesses in line with company goals.
  • Setting up a new organisational structure.
  • Implementation of a post merger integration (PMI).


First and foremost, we are committed to our values and principles.

We think strategically and holistically.

We are solution-oriented and committed to positive changes.

We are efficient and responsive – we do not waste valuable time.

We do not lose ourselves in formalism – we are structured.

We use our own methodology – a hybrid of knowledge and established models.

About Us

We are a trustworthy partner for everyone.

Valior is the right partner for companies that are looking for financing opportunities through various platforms and want to know how global macroeconomic changes affect them and what timely measures have to be taken. We offer a second independent opinion to banks when debtors find themselves in trouble and alternative scenarios need to be assessed. Business owners contact us in case of major ownership and strategic changes or for clarification of a situation.
Domen Prašnikar

Domen Prašnikar MBA

Founder & Director

Domen is an experienced professional in the field of financial consulting and demanding restructuring cases. He is excellent at finding alternative solutions and managing complex situations. He is results-oriented and always very careful in communications and attentive to everyone involved. One of his main added values is a wide and well connected network of experts.

Between 1998 and 2013, he built competences in the field of finance, sales, restructuring and strategies, with five years in banking (SKB, Societe Generale) and 10 years in executive positions or advising management in the field of services, insurance, sales, and production – Delo, A.T. Kearney, PwC, Farme Ihan and Prva osebna zavarovalnica.

In 2014, Domen founded his own consulting company, Valior d.o.o., which primarily focuses on Slovenian small and medium-sized enterprises, to whom he offers a broad range of business and financial consulting services. As a member of the Turnaround Management Association, he is familiar with trends and the world’s best practices in the field of company restructuring. He and his team have designed a benchmark methodology for measuring and managing business resilience adapted to Slovenian companies to guide company management in developing strategies and solutions for long-term business stability in conditions of increased uncertainty.


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We can be reached every working day between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. at +386 1 320 6224 or +386 41 387 809 or at any time by writing to

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